Documentation for teams

By publishing your team profile on, you open the door for event organizers to include your team profile into their race schedule and link the race results, you participate in, with your team. This allows to calculate your ELO score, which gives you a rough estimate of your team's strength. Furthermore, event organizers can provide your profile information to moderators and staff members and use this information to communicate with you or inform spectators about your team.

Add your team

Before you add your team to, please make a quick search to verify that it does not already exist yet. If it does, you can move on to the second step of the process and verify yourself as a team member to gain access rights. If not, this video shows you how you can add your team to the platform.

Verify yourself as a team member and gain administrative rights

As long as your team does not have verified team members yet, who manage the account, every user can contribute information about the team. Once one of your team members has been verified, you take control over your team. This video shows you how you can do that.

Edit your team profile

Your team profile tells other teams, event organizers, event spectators and moderators who your are as a team, where you're from, small but important things like your battle cry, and points them to your website and social media channel where they can learn even more about you.