Documentation for event organizers offers an online race-result service that event organizers can use free of charge. You can easily embed the race results into your own website. On this page, we show you how all of this works.

How to add your own event?

Before you add your own event, please use the search to check, whether or not your event already exists on If it does exist, please check the next section, where we show you, how you can be added as a staff member for your event and gain administrative rights. These rights will allow you to add race results and manage other staff members.

If your event already exists, this is how you gain administrative rights for your event

As soon as your event exists on, you can gain administrative rights for your event, which enables you to manage your event independently. These administrative rights include the ability to add race-results to your event and the option to add other staff members to your event.

How to add race results to your event

Event organizers can use to publish the race schedule and results online. It's very simple and optimized for smart phones. This service offers tremendous value for participating teams and staff members who can now access schedule data and results via their phone without the need to locate and wait for printed information. Furthermore, you can easily embed these race results into your own event website.

How to embed your race results into your own event website

One of the main advantages of the race-result service of is that it integrates easily into your own event website and it just works out of the box. If you ever embedded a YouTube video into your website, you'll be able to embed the race results as well. 

How to work with the race result service during race day

This tutorial shows you how you can print your race schedule, and use the excel export feature to determine the winner of a round based race-system and place the repechage races and the semi-finals in a tier based race-system.